All notable changes to this documentation will be listed in this file.

The format is based on Keep a Changelog, and this project adheres to Calendar Versioning.


  • Corrected the path for moving the openvasd built files

  • Add instructions for Kali Linux installation

  • Add instructions to enable SSL/TLS

  • Quote passwords when creating an admin user via gvmd

  • Add a disclaimer that Greenbone isn’t involved in packaging for Kali Linux

  • Move Facing an issue with the Greenbone Community Edition section from source build troubleshooting to generic troubleshooting page

  • Add section about getting the log messages for the Community Containers

  • Extend history about current release changes and semver usage

  • Improved troubleshooting for Failed to find port_list

  • Fix command for downloading gvmd-data manual manually when using the containers

  • Update gvm-libs to 22.8.0

  • Update gvmd to 23.2.0

  • Update pg-gvm to 22.6.4

  • Update gsad to 22.9.0

  • Update GSA to 23.0.0

  • Update OpenVAS Scanner to 23.0.1

  • Drop notus-scanner in favor of the new OpenVAS Daemon (openvasd). This made the Mosquitto MQTT broker obsolete too.


  • Add workflow page for source builds

  • Add documentation for updating source builds

  • Don’t expose MQTT broker port in docker compose setup by default

  • Add workflow for source builds on howto access GSA/gsad remotely

  • Only run gsad on for the community containers setup

  • Add workflow for container setup on howto access GSA/gsad remotely

  • Fix log warning from tini init server in the ospd-openvas container

  • Fix manual feed sync workflow for the container setup

  • Update gvm-libs to 22.7.3

  • Update gvmd to 23.0.1

  • Update gsad to 22.7.0

  • Update GSA to 22.8.0

  • Update openvas-scanner to 22.7.6

  • Update ospd-openvas to 22.6.1

  • Add general troubleshooting page

23.9.0 - 23-09-23

  • Update pg-gvm to 22.6.1

  • Improve description of GSA and its build process in the source build

  • Use Debian 12 bookworm also for the community container docs

  • Update ospd-openvas to 22.6.0

  • Update notus-scanner to 22.6.0

  • Update openvas-scanner to 22.7.5

  • Update gvmd to 22.9.0

  • Update gsad to 22.6.0

  • Update GSA to 22.7.0

  • Update gvm-libs to 22.7.1

  • Replace docker-compose v1 with Docker Compose v2

23.7.0 – 23-07-25

  • Update gvmd to 22.6.0

  • Update gsad to 22.5.1

  • Update GSA to 22.5.3

  • Update ospd-openvas to 22.5.3

  • Update openvas-scanner to 22.7.3

  • Update pg-gvm to 22.6.0

  • Remove Setting the Version chapter

  • Document how to configure a mail transport agent (MTA) for the community containers

  • Add section about redis-socket error to troubleshooting chapter of the community containers

23.6.2 – 23-06-27

  • Update to use Debian 12 (bookworm)

  • Install GSA from pre-built distributable files

  • Update openvas-smb to 22.5.3

  • Update gvmd to 22.5.0

  • Update pg-gvm to 22.5.1

  • Update gsad to 22.5.0

  • Removed adjusting permissions for greenbone-feed-sync script unnecessarily

  • Enable services only after first feed sync

  • Update source build instructions for Fedora 38

23.6.1 – 23-06-15

  • Update gvm-libs to 22.6.3

  • Update notus-scanner to 22.5.0

  • Update openvas-scanner to 22.7.2

  • Update ospd-openvas to 22.5.1

  • Update FAQ about which release contains which version

  • Don’t install old greenbone-nvt-sync script anymore

23.6.0 – 23-06-15

  • Fix tab title in Setting up sudo for Scanning section from Debian/CentOS to Debian/Ubuntu.

  • Update notus-scanner to 22.4.5

  • Change all documents to use markdown instead of rst

  • Change current working directory before setting up postgres database

  • Add a section about update help to FAQ

23.3.0 – 23-03-08

  • Unify the directory layout of the documentation files

  • Use distinct installation directories for each component

  • Add missing python3-gnupg as dependency to ospd-openvas

  • Don’t display copy button for GPG verification output

  • Fix PostgreSQL setup and make it possible to copy and paste the corresponding commands again

  • Use new greenbone-feed-sync script for the feed data download

  • Use ospd-openvas 22.4.6, notus-scanner 22.4.4 and gvm-libs 22.4.4

  • Remove 21.4 from the architecture docs

  • Try to fix installation of ospd-openvas, notus-scanner, gvm-tools and greenbone-feed-sync again due to issues with distributions patching Python installation paths. See for more details.

  • Switch Choosing an Install Prefix and Setting the PATH section in source build to allow using $INSTALL_PREFIX when setting the $PATH.

23.1.1 – 23-01-31

  • Set table_drive_lsc = yes setting for openvas scanner to enable local security checks scanning via notus scanner

  • Remove docs for 21.04 because it is end-of-life and wont get any updates anymore.

  • Extend FAQ for no results after finished scan

  • Update systemd service files to start the daemons in foreground to avoid issues with systemd tracking the started processes

  • Use ospd-openvas 22.4.5

  • Update ospd-openvas.service file to depend on the mosquitto and notus-scanner services

23.1.0 – 23-01-13

  • Fix installing ospd-openvas and notus-scanner on Debian 11

  • Update components to 22.4.1 release

22.12.0 – 22-12-27

  • Fix setting executable permission for setup and install script after the download

  • Check for docker being installed in setup and install script

  • Download the setup and install script to the current working directory

  • Add license header to docker startup script

  • Fix variable name typo in docker startup script

  • Fix the checks for required programs in the setup script

  • Use ospd-openvas 22.4.2 for 22.4 source build

  • Add HTML and Open Graph meta information

  • Fix: Remove -rf statements within $INSTALL_DIR to prevent deletion of root.

  • Update gsad systemd service file to start gsad in foreground to avoid issues with systemd tracking the started processes

  • Add: docker init process to prevent nmap, grep zombie processes in the ospd-openvas container

  • Add troubleshooting for ospd-openvas connection issue with containers

  • Add troubleshooting pages for source builds

  • Add hostname to ospd-openvas container, to avoid error Could not get a bpf, ethernet address used in non-ether expression

  • Extend troubleshooting for source build

  • Update docker compose requirement to 1.29.0

22.8.2 – 22-08-31

  • Improve feed sync documentation for source build

  • Use feed data containers for feed sync in Greenbone Community Containers docs

  • Extract workflows and troubleshooting to own pages for Greenbone Community Container docs

  • Require docker-compose 1.27.0 or later to avoid issues with the ospd-openvas startup

  • Use notus-scanner 22.4.1 and ospd-openvas 22.4.1 for 22.4 source build

22.8.1 – 2022-08-29

  • Add workflow for exposing the gvmd unix socket from the container

  • Add an API page for links to our other community documentation

  • Fix path of the notus-scanner product advisories directory for the 22.4 container setup

  • Add gvm-tools container and usage workflow documentation

22.8.0 – 2022-08-16

  • Fix Community Container setup and start script

  • Fix installing yarn from third party debian package repository

  • Improve and extend feed sync chapters for community containers

  • Use openvas-smb 22.4.0 for both releases

  • Add installation instructions for Fedora (35 and 26), CentOS 9 and Ubuntu 22.04

  • Use new sphinx theme for a cleaner structure and new features like dark mode

22.7.0 – 2022-07-25

  • Update docs for supporting 22.4 release

22.5.0 – 2022-05-30

  • New Greenbone Community Containers documentation

  • Update index page, history, architecture, faq and glossary for adjusted terms and naming.

  • Allow to copy & paste commands via a button click

  • Re-arrange page structure and therefore the URLs of the documents

22.3.3 – 2022-03-31

  • Fix setting cmake parameter of runtime directory for gvmd

  • Fix starting the correct postgresql cluster

22.3.2 – 2022-03-30

  • The build guide uses Debian Stable (Bullseye)

  • Fix installing dependencies of gvmd and openvas-scanner for Debian Bullseye

  • Remove obsolete cmake parameter when building gvm-libs to avoid a warning

22.3.1 – 2022-03-21

  • Fix runtime directory for gvmd in systemd service file

  • Add runtime directory and mode for gsad in systemd service file

22.3.0 – 2022-03-07

  • Fix source paths for gsad

  • Fix build and installation of GSA

  • Add hint about yarn package on Debian

  • Fix PIDFile settings in systemd service files for gsad and gvmd

22.2.0 – 2022-02-24

  • Drop GVM 20.8.

  • Split of GSA and gsad

  • Merge of ospd and ospd-openvas

21.10.1 – 2021-10-13

  • Drop usage of gsa-node-modules. These tarballs are only useful for specific nodejs versions.

21.10.0 – 2021-10-12

  • Update for GVM 21.4.3 and 20.8.4 releases

  • Mark GVM 20.08 as end-of-life. User should switch to 21.04.

21.8.0 – 2021-08-05

  • Update for GVM 21.4.2 and 20.8.3 releases

  • Changed feed look file location to /var/lib/gvm/feed-update.lock. This file is used by gvmd and greenbone-feed-sync

  • Add option -f to all curl commands to fail if an URL is not available

  • Change permission of /run/gvm initially because otherwise gvmd can’t create the admin user

21.7.0 – 2021-07-05

  • Initial version