This page contains hints for troubleshooting source build specific issues.


The commands in the following troubleshooting guidelines are only valid if you followed the source build documentation. If you installed the Greenbone Community Edition via a Linux Distribution (for example Kali Linux), the commands may be slightly different and need to be adjusted.

Failed to find port_list ‘33d0cd82-57c6-11e1-8ed1-406186ea4fc5‘

This error can occur when tying to use the Task Wizard to create a quick scan after the initial setup. It is cause by gvmd not being able to load the port lists from the feed into its database. To fix this issue, you need to check if /var/lib/gvm/data-objects/ contains the port list XML file:

Checking if port list is already synced
find /var/lib/gvm/data-objects/ -name "*33d0cd82-57c6-11e1-8ed1-406186ea4fc5*.xml"

If the find command does not return an XML file, the data objects have not been synced from the feed (yet).

Syncing data objects processed by gvmd
sudo -u gvm greenbone-feed-sync --type GVMD_DATA

Second, gvmd should be forced to (re-)load the data objects including the port lists from the disk.

Syncing data objects processed by gvmd
sudo -u gvm gvmd --rebuild-gvmd-data=all

When gvmd has loaded the port list successfully the /var/log/gvm/gvmd.log file shows the following output

gvmd port list loaded log message
Port list All IANA assigned TCP (33d0cd82-57c6-11e1-8ed1-406186ea4fc5) has been created by admin

Failed to find scan configuration

This issue is similar to Failed to find port_list. It will be raised if gvmd is not able to load the scan configs from the file system into its database. First of all you should check if the scan configs have been downloaded from the feed.

Checking if scan configs are already available
find /var/lib/gvm/data-objects/ -name "*daba56c8-73ec-11df-a475-002264764cea*.xml"

If the find command does not return at least one XML file for your release, the data objects have not been downloaded from the feed (yet).

Syncing data objects processed by gvmd
sudo -u gvm greenbone-feed-sync --type gvmd-data

Because scan configs reference VTs, loading scan configs also requires synced VTs from the feed. You can check if the VTs are already loaded by looking at the Secinfo > NVTs page on the web interface.

If there are no VTs visible on the web interface, they must be downloaded from the feed.

Syncing VTs processed by the openvas scanner
sudo -u gvm greenbone-feed-sync --type nvt

Loading the VTs from the file system may take a while, from several minutes up to hours depending on your system performance and number of VTs. You can follow the process of loading VTs by looking at the /var/log/gvm/ospd-openvas.log and /var/log/gvm/gvmd.log files.

If there are still no scan configs under Configuration > Scan Configs on the web interface after some hours and the logs of gvmd and ospd-openvas do not show errors, the Feed Import Owner may not have been set.

Setting the Feed Import Owner
gvmd --modify-setting 78eceaec-3385-11ea-b237-28d24461215b --value `gvmd --get-users --verbose | grep admin | awk '{print $2}'`

If all these steps do not resolve the issue, it is very likely a bigger problem, for example with the PostgreSQL database. Therefore, the /var/log/gvm/ospd-openvas.log and /var/log/gvm/gvmd.log files must be inspected for possible error and warning messages.