Module for communication with gvmd


class gvm.protocols.gmp.Gmp#

Dynamically select supported GMP protocol of the remote manager daemon.

Must be used as a Context Manager


from gvm.protocols.gmp import Gmp

with Gmp(connection) as gmp:
    # gmp can be an instance of gvm.protocols.gmpv208.Gmp,
    # gvm.protocols.gmpv214.Gmp depending
    # on the supported GMP version of the remote manager daemon
    resp = gmp.get_tasks()

Connection to use to talk with the remote daemon. See gvm.connections for possible connection types.


Optional transform callable to convert response data. After each request the callable gets passed the plain response data which can be used to check the data and/or conversion into different representations like a xml dom.

See gvm.transforms for existing transforms.

__init__(connection, *, transform=None)#

Determine the supported GMP version of the remote daemon


Determine supported GMP version of the remote daemon and return a corresponding Gmp class instance