The commands in the following troubleshooting guidelines are only valid if you followed the source build documentation. If you installed the Greenbone Community Edition via a Linux Distribution (for example Kali Linux), the commands may be slightly different and need to be adjusted.

Failed to find port_list ‘33d0cd82-57c6-11e1-8ed1-406186ea4fc5‘#

This error can occur when tying to use the Task Wizard to create a quick scan after the initial setup. It is cause by gvmd not being able to load the port lists from the feed into its database. To fix this issue, you need to check if /var/lib/gvm/data-objects/ contains the port list XML file:

Check if port list is already synced#
find /var/lib/gvm/data-objects/ -name "*33d0cd82-57c6-11e1-8ed1-406186ea4fc5*.xml"

If the find command does not return an XML file for your release, the data data objects have not been synced (yet).

Syncing data objects processed by gvmd#
sudo -u gvm greenbone-feed-sync --type GVMD_DATA

Second, gvmd should be forced to (re-)load the data objects including the port lists from the disk.

Syncing data objects processed by gvmd#
sudo -u gvm gvmd --rebuild-gvmd-data=all